Flora Victoria offers consulting services for all aspects of direct seeding including site evaluation and revegetation plans, weed mapping and management plans, help with direct seeding and revegetation specifications, project management of revegetation projects and horse pasture advice.

Before considering a direct seeding project, it is important to understand each step of the process, as making compromises increases the likelihood of failure.

The steps include

  • Site Evaluation.
  • A revegetation plan.
  • Site preparation.
  • Seeding.
  • Maintenance.

A good revegetation plan usually includes a flora survey, a weed management plan and a list of suitable plant species to be used for revegetation. This plan should include maps indicating the location of key indigenous species and problem weed species, the locations for planting and seeding and the species used.

Many sites we have been asked to tender for have been unsuitable for direct seeding. Take advantage of our experience by using our consulting services during the planning process if direct seeding is being considered for any project; it can save time, money and greatly reduce the chance of failure.

Flora Victoria has over a decade’s experience managing revegetation projects for clients. We understand the need for effective communication, budget tracking and the continuity of work provided by a good revegetation plan. We are available to manage revegetation projects on the behalf of clients for a variety of revegetation projects.

Over the last few years the importance of horse nutrition and diet has become more widely known. This is apparent through the increasing demand for our native grass hay and requests for advice for modifying existing pasture, or even sowing new low sugar native pastures for horses. We have our own horse pasture specialist available to help horse owners create healthier pastures.