The area that sets Flora Victoria apart from all other environmental contracting companies is that we provide every service associated with the creation of native grasslands. This includes consultancy/site planning, production of the highest quality local provenance native grass seed, site preparation, sowing, planting and maintenance of any size grassland revegetation project.

Flora Victoria has developed its own equipment for harvesting and sowing native grass quickly and efficiently, enabling us to complete large projects at a reduced cost for our clients. Our extensive knowledge and experience revegetating native grasslands, landscapes and the production of native grass seed mean that we can get the best results possible.

Tube stock planting is also still an important form of revegetation and Flora Victoria are equipped to plant large numbers of plants if required.

Where erosion is a problem, native grass can be sown using various specialist products. We have tried many and can suggest our preferred products and contractors for their installation.

This important remnant grassland has large areas of Phalaris aquatica spreading through it, displacing indigenous species including the endangered Spiny Rice Flower (Pimelea spinescens ssp. spinescens). Here an area of about half a hectare has been prepared for direct seeding.

A few months later, Spear and Wallaby grasses dominate an area that was infested with exotic weeds.

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