Seed Production

With the demand for native grass seed increasing and its availability decreasing, remnant grasslands are under more pressure as sources of indigenous seed. With a lack of consistent rainfall, many native grass species in remnants will produce very little seed some seasons, and as more remnants are lost to development each year, seed becomes even harder to obtain.

These pressures on native grasslands, along with the weed seed often associated with the harvesting of remnant grasslands are some of the reasons that Flora Victoria started production of native grass seed sourced from the Basalt Plains to the North and West of Melbourne.

Flora Victoria has been producing the highest quality native grass seed since 2008 and are now producing local wildflower seed. All our seed is tested for viability and purity, so our clients can be assured they are buying the best quality seed available. Seed testing also enables us to review our weed and crop management practices, something that helps us to develop a unique understanding about the management of native grass in general.

Flora Victoria has a variety of specialised equipment for sowing and harvesting, and we have developed our own specialised techniques for the management of native seed cropping and seed handling.

Watering at the Seed Production Area for native grasses

Watering at the Seed Production Area for native grasses