Site Evaluation and Project Planning

Before jumping in the deep end and planning a direct seeding project, do you have a good idea if it will work? Sometimes you can get lucky, but often without an informed site evaluation direct seeding projects can go awfully wrong. It makes sense to have a site evaluated by experienced people before going ahead, it can save a lot of time and money.

We want direct seeding to become the best option for creating landscapes with native grass, but sometimes it isn’t the best option. Our experience over the last 15 years has taught us a lot about the requirements for direct seeding.

Let’s assume your site is suitable for direct seeding. What sort of site preparation should you use? How long should site preparation be undertaken before it is ready for sowing? If you’re not sure we can help by prescribing a revegetation plan that includes a step by step process to get the best results from your site.

Get a site evaluation from Flora Victoria